Nature's Wipes

Our Nature's Wipes are an amazing biodegradable and sustainable alternative to your plastic-based wipes, which create a large amount of plastic pollution and leave a trail of microplastics behind.
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$ 9.00 AUD
Home Compostable | Biodegradable | Sustainable | Plant-based | Plastic-free | Vegan-friendly

Made from a blend of sustainable cellulose (70%) and cotton (30%).

Plastic free alternative for surface and general home cleaning.

Highly absorbent, soaking up to 10 times its weight in water.

Machine washable.

Long lasting and incredibly durable.

Biodegradable at the end of its life.

Home compostable.

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Made by Eco Billy.
The world is full of beautiful places and we want to keep them that way.
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Premium Quality Scrubs, Scourers and Wipes

Australian households are choosing to use Eco Billy cleaning scrubs and you can too. Our scrubs aren't plastic, but they're just as good (well...we think better).

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Sustainable, Biodegradable, Eco Friendly

Our Eco Billy cleaning scrubs are made from 100% natural materials and are designed to be gentle to our environment.